Samstag, 28. April 2007

Atelier Engelhardt

Fritz Engelhardt, Jahrgang 1935
seit 1976 wohnhaft in Bad Godesberg
Mitglied des DAV, Sektion Allgäu-Kempten

Atelier : Im Äuelchen 33, 53177 Bonn-Bad Godesberg
Ausgangspunkt für meine künstlerische Arbeit als Landschaftsmaler ist das Naturerlebnis.
Sportliche Aktivitäten in der Natur und die Malerei gehören seit meiner Kindheit zu den
wichtigsten Freizeit-Aktivitäten.

Hierdurch bildet die Landschaftsmalerei den Schwerpunkt meiner künstlerischen Arbeit.
Es sind hauptsächlich die Berge und ihre vielgestaltige Schönheit, die mich immer wieder
anziehen und deren Faszination ich in meinen Bildern einzufangen versuche.

Aus unterwegs entstandenen Aquarellstudien, Fotos und Skizzen, entsteht meine Interpretation der Landschaft in Aquarell und Öl.

Einzelausstellungen im In- und Ausland sowie Ausstellungsbeteiligungen in Bad Godesberg,
Internetpräsenz unter und sowie Beteiligung an verschiedenen Internet-Kunstplattformen.

Welcome in Fritz Engelhardt Fine Art Studio.

This fine art studio presents watercolors, oil painting and photos from hiking tours, specializing in the art of mountain landscape from alps and dolomites, Art Exhibitions.

Here you will find a collection of paintings created to capture the many mountain surroundings I have encountered throughout life. Enjoy my works!

It’s not a plan that drives me to paint but the eagerness and will to create something with the expectation that a picture will present itself that says something about the beauty of nature and the experience of nature.

This is the reason: landscape painting is a central focus in my work.
The starting point for a picture is always an instantaneous experience of nature in the form of a sketch, watercolor study and a landscape photo.

For me, the hundreds of landscape photos archived in the form of slides and paper prints have a function that gives the artist support and discipline.

By transferring the model as exactly as possible, I avoid the temptation to change proportions and details and to harmonize the cropping according to the rules of composition.

The coloring work and changes to the motif that conclude the work process lead to a new reality and a new truth beyond the photographic snapshot.

Just like the instantaneous capturing of the photo, my landscapes are also only analogies of the excerpt of nature.

Although I design the motifs as faithfully as possible to the photographic model, the paintings acquire additional qualities that distinguish them from their models.

Because of the change in the medium and the increased format size, the painting acquires a different, more intensive presence than the photographic representation possesses.

A picture has more reality than a photo because it has more of the character of an object, because it’s been visibly painted by hand, i.e. was tangibly produced with materials.

While a photographic rendering always emphasizes the moment, a situation or records an event, a painting is still within a tradition of art history that immediately transcends every motif and therefore makes it seem timeless and universally valid.

It has more reality than a photo because a painting has more of the character of an object, because it’s tangibly produced with materials.

My landscapes always show only one excerpt from nature as it in fact corresponds to visible reality but not to the truth of our present time.
The truth is different.

By selecting the motif and therefore precisely what the artistic resolution of the details do not show, all landscapes are intuitive models of a lost truth and reality.

The desire of human beings for a healthy and ecologically intact environment leads me also to the strangely ambivalent position of a late Romanticist who wants to paint something beautiful with impressionistic tools and being committed to modern humanity at the same time.

If you are interested in any of the paintings on my websites, please e-mail.
Thank you for Visiting.

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